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YCQ Sefer Torah Dedication in Honor of Adeena Paknoush A"h


The Paknoush family has partnered with the YCQ community to write a new
Sefer Torah in her honor. The Sefer Torah will be housed in our very own Beit
Midrash, and our students will be using the Sefer Torah on a regular basis. We
have the honor of welcoming a beautiful Sefer Torah into our YCQ home,
and we urge every family to participate in any way possible. Even a small
contribution will merit tremendous zechus as a result of participating in this
unique mitzvah. Please see below for a list of dedication opportunities.

Visit our website at adeenaemunah.com and
reserve your dedication before the Yom Tovim!
For a minimum $54 donation per family, your children will get to assist in
the writing of a Sefer Torah and have an individual picture taken with the
Sofer. You will receive a framed picture of this beautiful event.


Sunday, October 14th
Sunday Morning Learning in honor of Adeena, with Rabbi Shy Shechter as Guest Speaker

Tuesday, Octobr 16th
All students in YCQ will be given an opportunity to assist in writing a letter in our Sefer Torah
Students will be given a picture of this special moment.

Wednesday, October 17th
A school wide YCQ Hachnasat Sefer Torah will be held with live music and dancing.