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Torah Bowl Meet


The second meet of the Torah Bowl season was this past Tuesday as the students were asked hundreds of questions
on the Parshiot of V ayerah, Chayei Sarah and Toldot. The YCQ Boys team again plowed through the competition
winning all four of its games nearly scoring a total of 100 points in the process. This improved their record to an
incredible 8-0! The boy’s team was lead by Ari Schick, Eliya Alcoby and the Canter brothers (Eli and Eitan) who
each turned in excellent efforts.
The girls team also had successful day. With only one loss, the girls were victorious in three of their competitions.
This gives the YCQ Torah Bowl teams an incredible combined record of 14-2! What a wonderful season it has been
so far! Special thanks to Rabbi Rosenfelt and Ms. Rosenblum for coaching the teams!