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Second Grade Chumash Presentation


This past Sunday, classes 2-205 and 2-206 were incredibly excited to finally receive their Chumashim! For the last couple of months, the classes had been preparing for this momentous day. They learned about the Chumash, how to find the Psukim, and how to read and understand the words. They put on a beautiful show about the creation of the world. After a wonderful and exciting presentation, each student received their very own Chumash with his or her name engraved on it. Each class learned the first five Psukim together in front of their families and friends, and afterward, enjoyed some treats and cake at a Chumash party. Mazel tov to all the second graders! It is so inspiring to see their love for Torah. Many thanks to Morah Reut, Morah Ronit, Morah Izzy, Morah Tammy, Morah Tali, Rabbi Ribalt, Rabbi Hamel, Morah Maxine, and PTO parent representatives for making this day so memorable.