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Important Update


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

We wanted to clarify the Yeshiva’s statement from yesterday regarding the Yeshiva’s closure by the New York City Department of Health.There is no measles outbreak at the Yeshiva, nor is there any documented case of any Yeshiva student, teacher or employee contracting measles in the last several weeks. Rather, this process began because of an outside service provider who apparently was exposed to measles in the prior 2 weeks before coming to the Yeshiva, and has not been in the building since May 2. As a result, the Department of Health audited the Yeshiva’s records of vaccination.

Based on the audit, at this point, there are only 6 students who have prior legal exemptions, and we have identified an additional 2 students have not yet produced to the Yeshiva valid proof of immunity. The 6 students with legal exemptions have not been allowed into the school for 21 days starting last week, and the two newly identified students will not be allowed into the school for the next 21 days, at which point they will have to produce proof of immunity. The Yeshiva is working closely with the Department of Health to clear up this records issue and we are optimistic that once remaining paperwork is approved, the Yeshiva should be able to open in the next day or two.

Please note that our UPK program has been approved by the Board of Health to open today and is open, as is Yeshiva Education for Special Students.

We completely understand the need for clear and open communication and will endeavor to provide timely updates as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are thankful that everyone is healthy and safe and hope this issue is resolved swiftly.

Rabbi Landsman