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Healthy and Wise


Our Healthy & Wise program has come to an end for this year. The first, second, and third graders read
the Cat in the Hat book “Oh, the Things You Can Do that are Good for You”. This book taught us the
importance of brushing our teeth twice a day, washing our hands to prevent the spreading of germs, and
the importance of sleeping 10-12 hours each night to reenergize ourselves for the next day. We learned
that these things are all part of the package to being healthy, along with eating foods from the different
colors of the rainbow and all five food groups, as well as exercising to keep our heart healthy, our muscles
strong, and our bodies growing. The nursery and
kindergarten students learned about the people who help
us to stay healthy,
including the
doctor, nurse,
dentist, coach,
grocery store clerk,
and dietitian. We
will see you all
bigger and stronger
next year!