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Fourth Grade Siyum


This past week the fourth grade had a siyum breakfast in honor of completing Sefer Beresheit! The    program began with Rabbi Ribalt introducing our guest speaker Rabbi Shmuel Marcus Rabbi of Young Israel of Queens Valley. Rabbi Marcus spoke about the importance of doing small things everyday to accomplish a bigger goal at the end. The effort the students made pasuk by pasuk year after year helped them reach this amazing milestone. The students ate a delicious breakfast of cereal, chocolate milk and cupcakes. The students also heard from their peers; Hadar Besalel, Daniella Kfir, Daniella Chacham, Lily Hametz, Liel Ben Lulu, Donny Faigen, and Michael Zavulun. Each of these student took a different Rashi learned in class, and connected it to this amazing accomplishment of being מסיים Sefer B’reishit. The students then heard from Rabbi Landsman who gave them Divrei Bracha. The program concluded with a Bracha Achrona recited by Aviel Babeyev using special benchers they all received as a gift from YCQ on this special day.