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Fifth Grade Overnight Trip to The Greenkill Environmental Center


This past week, the fifth grade students attended an overnight trip to the  Greenkill             Environmental Center where they had a chance to experience nature, teamwork, and survival skills.  Students were placed in groups and assigned a ’naturalist’ who taught them how to work together to accomplish multiple tasks in addition to confidence building activities like crossing a rope bridge over a brook. They went hiking on trails in the mountains to see a beautiful waterfall and built their own fires without matches. This trip gave them an insight into wildlife through the show “Birds of Prey” and a forest ecology hike.

Thank you to all the chaperones including, Rabbi Landsman, Mrs. Cohen, Rabbi Finkelstein, Mrs. Jaffe, Mrs. Orlanski, Morah Leah Solaimanzadeh, and Mr. Lahijani for making this trip so    memorable. Special thanks to  Rabbi Lonner and Rabbi Kovitz for providing all the delicious food and snacks that the children enjoyed and to Jonathan Pleshty (Class of 2012) for serving as an EMT for this trip.