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Eighth Grade Graduation


Eighth Grade Graduation
This years eighth grade students graduated this past Tuesday evening at Queensborough
Community  College.    Dr.  Wein,  Rabbi  Landsman,  Mrs.  Golubtchik,  Sam  Korman  and   
Sarah  Gulamov  (valedictorians)  addressed  the  graduates  and  their  families.  The  girls      
performed a beautiful dance routine led by Morah Elana Banilivy and the boys choir sang
beautifully led by Rabbi Nat. All those who attended enjoyed the beautiful video made by
Mrs. Jaffe. Diplomas were awarded to each student followed by Maariv. Thank you to the
entire eighth grade parent committee for organizing the collation at YCQ and the gift to
the graduates. Mazel Tov to all the eighth graders and their families as they   embark on
their future journeys.