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Class Placement 2019-2020


We hope this letter finds you well and that your children have had a meaningful academic school year, one of intellectual growth, maturity, and social development. As the school year comes to a close, we will once again begin the important task of properly placing our children in the most appropriate academic and social environment for the upcoming school year.

Our Yeshiva maintains a philosophy of grouping students in a heterogeneous setting. The heterogeneous classroom is rich in diversity; academically, socially, culturally. and geographically. Studies have shown that heterogeneity cultivates a variety of skills that assist our students in each stage of development. Children learn to adapt to new environments, build social skills, and benefit from exposure to other learning styles.

We are fully aware of how important it is for children to feel a sense of familiarity and belonging as they begin a new school year with new teachers and a more challenging curriculum. As our Yeshiva is firmly committed to maintaining strong communication and a partnership with families, we are asking you to suggest three names of students with whom your child would feel comfortable in the classroom setting. Please make sure to complete a new form for each of your children. We will guarantee at least one of those three students, but three students MUST be listed in order for us to help you. Please keep in mind that this form is for friend requests ONLY. Placement with teachers is made in collaboration with current year teachers and administration.

This information will assist our teachers and administrators as they work on creating the best possible atmosphere for each child. When children sense that their parents, teachers and administrators are working closely together in a sincere effort to best place them, the results are sure to be positive.

We recognize that children grow and develop from year to year. For this and other reasons, we will reassess our groupings on an annual basis, with continued input and communication. It is important to remember that when students meet new people and learn in new environments, they are less likely to form inappropriate group dynamics and more likely to redefine their individual roles maintaining their identity.

Please click on the link http://www.ycqweb.com/ClassPlacementForm to access the class placement form to be completed no later than Monday, May 20. Feel free to include any pertinent information that will assist us in the placement process. Should you be interested in discussing your child’s class placement, please feel free to make an appointment with Rabbi Landsman, by contacting Rebecca Blum at 718-793-8500 ext 310.

Thank you for your cooperation and your patience in this matter. We wish you a safe, happy and healthy remainder of the school year. 


Yeshiva of Central Queens Administration