From the Nurse's Officeאָחוֹת

At YCQ we are committed to fostering a healthy learning environment. We look forward to working with you towards this goal.

For your convenience, medical forms have been posted on the website. Please click on the link below to access the form.

Please feel free to contact the nurse’s office with any questions or concerns: 718-793-8500 ext. 314

This form is required for all new students as well as all Kindergarten students.

Child and Adolescent Health Examination Form (CH205)

Medication Administration Forms (MAF)

If your child requires a medication during the school day, please have your doctor fill out the appropriate form. The back of the form is for the parent to fill out. Please return the completed form and medication to the nurse’s office. Please note that there are different forms for different medical needs. Please be sure to select the correct form.

Medication Administration Form

Asthma MAF Form

Allergy MAF Form

Diabetes MAF Form

MAF for other medications (non-allergy and non-asthma) Form