Under New York law, all schools are prohibited from admitting any student without a certificate of immunization from a healthcare practitioner.  The immunizations required vary by age and grade. For all requirements consult the YCQ School Health page; your doctor; or Mrs. Jaffe. 

If you provide the school with a healthcare practitioner’s certificate that your child is in the process of receiving the required immunizations, your child may attend school while proceeding with the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices catch-up schedule.  If a student fails to comply with the catch-up schedule, the student must be excluded from school within 14 days.  

If you are transferring to YCQ from out-of-state or another country and are in the process of obtaining proof of immunization or a certificate of immunization, your child may attend for 30 days while providing the required documentation.

If you cannot afford the immunizations, your local health authority will administer or arrange for the administration of the immunizations.

If you believe you have a legitimate medical exemption under New York law, your application must be approved by the school prior to the expiration of the state-mandated time periods.  Your application may be rejected, in which case we will advise you of the reasons.

Medical exemptions or deferrals, if granted, must be reissued annually.  Without a certificate of immunization or an approved exemption, a child will not be permitted to attend classes.  

According to NYS Law, no religious exemptions from immunizations are acceptable.

N.Y. State Education Law requires a signed and dated certificate of immunization from a physician or health clinic to be on record for each entering student.  It is crucial that each student’s immunization record is uploaded and submitted BEFORE the start of the school year. Students without an immunization record on file will be unable to attend school in September.

Any child without documentation of the required immunizations will be excluded from school until such documentation is received.